Pet Frog Name Generator (Cute, Funny, & Famous)

Frogs make great pets because they come in varying sizes, shapes, colors, and they’re relatively easy to care for. For this reason, I created a list of clever names and a name generator to help you name your beloved amphibian(s).

I suspect if you’re searching for names for your pet frog or toad, you’ve already got one; or plan to get one soon. Whether you’re searching for a cute, funny, or famous name for your pet, you’ll find it here.

Directly below this paragraph, you’ll find a frog name generator. Select Male, Female, or Both, and if you want the last name, tick the check box. After that, click the “Generate Names” button. The name generator will load 9 names. Should you want more, click the button again to load more!

Frog Name Generator


Tips for Naming Your Pet Frog or Toad

Frog Name Generator

Naming any pet can be a fun endeavor. This is especially true when naming Anura (frogs and toads). The reason it’s fun naming Anurans is that coming up with funny or cute names, with the use of puns, is quite entertaining! By combining frog-related words together, one can come up with interesting combinations.

For example, “Bufo” is short for the family Bufonidae, which are “true toads”. Toads have stumpy legs and tend to move in short hops. Combining the words with a twist can result in a silly name like “Bufo McHopperson” or “Sir Bufo Stumps”.

For this reason, I’ve created a list of frog-related words. Use this list to formulate some ideas. By the way, many of these ideas are part of the frog name generator above!

A list of frog-related words…

The table below contains the scientific names of some of the taxonomic ranks. An “order” or “family” is a taxonomic rank, a means of classifying or grouping similar types of animals.

FrogFrogby, Frogger, Froggo, Frogster, Froggy
ToadToadby, Toader, Toado, Toadster, Toadie
HopHoppy, Hopper, Hopscotch, Hopster, Hopalong
JumpJumper, Jumpster, Jumpscotch, Jumpy
TadpoleTadderpole, Tad
PollywogPolly, Wog, Pollywoggle
CroakCroaker, Croakster
RibbitRibby, Ribbiter
WartWarty, Wartsalot
DendrobatidaeDendro, Dendo, Denny
AmphibianAmp, Amph, Phibby, Amphibby, Amphibber
Lily PadLily, Paddy, Lily Paddy, Lil Pad, Lil Paddy
A table containing frog-related words with alterations useful for naming pet frogs and toads.

Here I’ll elucidate some of the terms above.

  • The order Anura includes all frogs and toads.
  • The family Bufonidae includes all “True Toads”.
  • Pollywog (or “polliwog”) is a another word for tadpole.
  • The family Dendrobatidae includes poison-dart frogs.
  • The family Hylidae contains “true” tree frogs.
  • A Lilypad is a flowering power plant, often associated with frogs.

A List of Frog Names

Rather than listing every name I can think of, from A to Z, I’ve decided to make a list of my personal favorites. Those include funny and cute frog names. Finally, I’ve taken the liberty of listing out a few famous frogs.

Funny Frog Names

Denny the DendroLily McPadderson
Snoop FrogAurora Anura
Sir Wart the ChonkerHolly Hopsalot
Gorf McBufoPaddy Hopalong
FrogbyZoey, Destroyer of Flies
Kramit the FrogRosie the Ribbiter
Toaster McHoppyPrincess Pollywog
David HasselhopSpeckles the Toad
Robert LilypaddersonEmma Frogberts
AmphibianatorTina Toadpole
Harry FroggerAva the Anura
Hypno HopscotchBrownie McBufo
Dendo McDendroHollywog
Iggy HopReese Froggerspoon
A list of funny frog names for pets.

Cute Frog Names

A list of cute names for pet frogs and toads.

Famous Frog Names

People love frogs, whether to the point of keeping them as pets or not, frogs have made their way into songs, books, movies, tv shows, children’s books, and more. There are plenty of famous frogs. Kermit the frog (from Sesame Street) is just one example.

This section lists some of the most popular Anurans. Perhaps these famous names will inspire ideas in naming your pet.

  • Ed Bighead (Rocko’s Modern Life, tv)
  • Five Little Speckled Frogs (songs)
  • Frog and Toad (Frog and Toad Are Friends, book)
  • Frogger (game)
  • Hypnotoad (Futurama, tv)
  • Kermit the Frog (Sesame Street, tv)
  • Jeremiah the Bullfrog (song)
  • Jeremy Fisher (The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher, book)
  • Jiraiya (toad riding protagonist from Naturo and Japanese folklore.)
  • Pepe the Frog (meme)
  • Ribby & Croaks (Cuphead, game)
  • Trevor (Neville Longbottom’s pet toad, Harry Potter, tv)
  • Wartz (It’s a Big World, tv)

What Did You Name Your Frog?

The name generator and list of names are meant to be an ever-expanding, free resource. I’ll continue updating this page. That’s where you come in! If you’ve got suggestions and don’t mind sharing, please leave a comment below.