Amphibians in Arizona

Arizona is a state in the southwestern region of the United States. The state has a desert climate, with very hot summers and mild winters. Arizona is home to a variety of amphibians, including frogs and salamanders.

The most common frog in Arizona is the green tree frog. These frogs are typically green or brown, and measure about 2-3 inches in length. They can be found in trees and shrubs near water, and are active during the day and night.

The most common salamander in Arizona is the tiger salamander. These salamanders are typically black or dark brown, with yellow markings on their skin. They can be found near water in marshes and ponds, and are active

Frogs & Toads (Anura) in Arizona

Woodhouse's Toad

Scientific Name: Anaxyrus woodhousii

Western Narrow-mouthed Toad

Scientific Name: Gastrophryne olivacea

Sonoran Green Toad

Scientific Name: Anaxyrus retiformis

Rio Grande Leopard Frog

Scientific Name: Lithobates berlandieri

Relict Leopard Frog

Scientific Name: Lithobates onca

Red-spotted Toad

Scientific Name: Anaxyrus punctatus

Other Name(s): Baird's Spotted Toad

Plains Spadefoot

Scientific Name: Spea bombifrons

Plains Leopard Frog

Scientific Name: Lithobates blairi

Northern Pacific Tree Frog

Scientific Name: Pseudacris regilla

Northern Leopard Frog

Scientific Name: Lithobates pipiens

Mexican Spadefoot

Scientific Name: Spea multiplicata

Lowland Leopard Frog

Scientific Name: Lithobates yavapaiensis

Lowland Burrowing Tree Frog

Scientific Name: Smilisca fodiens

Green Toad

Scientific Name: Anaxyrus debilis

Other Name(s): North American Green Toad

Great Plains Toad

Scientific Name: Anaxyrus cognatus

Great Basin Spadefoot

Scientific Name: Spea intermontana

Couch's Spadefoot

Scientific Name: Scaphiopus couchii

Colorado River Toad

Scientific Name: Incilius alvarius

Other Name(s): Sonoran Desert toad

Chiricahua Leopard Frog

Scientific Name: Lithobates chiricahuensis

Boreal Chorus Frog

Scientific Name: Pseudacris maculata

Barking Frog

Scientific Name: Craugastor augusti

Arizona Tree Frog

Scientific Name: Hyla wrightorum

Other Name(s): wright's mountain treefrog

Arizona Toad

Scientific Name: Anaxyrus microscaphus

American Bullfrog

Scientific Name: Lithobates catesbeianus

African Clawed Frog

Scientific Name: Xenopus laevis

Salamanders (Caudata) in Arizona

Barred Tiger Salamander

Scientific Name: Ambystoma mavortium

Other Name(s): Western Tiger Salamander