Amphibians in Montana

Montana is a state located in the Western United States. The climate of Montana is temperate, and the terrain is mostly mountainous. The amphibians that live in Montana include the Western toad, the Northern leopard frog, the Boreal chorus frog, and the Wood Frog.

Frogs & Toads (Anura) in Montana

Woodhouse's Toad

Scientific Name: Anaxyrus woodhousii

Western Toad

Scientific Name: Anaxyrus boreas

Other Name(s): Boreal toad, California toad

Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog

Scientific Name: Ascaphus montanus

Other Name(s): Inland Tailed Frog, Eastern Tailed Frog

Plains Spadefoot

Scientific Name: Spea bombifrons

Northern Pacific Tree Frog

Scientific Name: Pseudacris regilla

Northern Leopard Frog

Scientific Name: Lithobates pipiens

Great Plains Toad

Scientific Name: Anaxyrus cognatus

Columbia Spotted Frog

Scientific Name: Rana luteiventris

Canadian Toad

Scientific Name: Anaxyrus hemiophrys

Other Name(s): Dakota toad

Boreal Chorus Frog

Scientific Name: Pseudacris maculata

American Bullfrog

Scientific Name: Lithobates catesbeianus

Salamanders (Caudata) in Montana

Long-toed Salamander

Scientific Name: Ambystoma macrodactylum

Idaho Giant Salamander

Scientific Name: Dicamptodon aterrimus

Coeur d'Alene Salamander

Scientific Name: Plethodon idahoensis

Ambystoma macrodactylum

Scientific Name: Ambystoma macrodactylum