VIVOSUN Digital Thermostat: Should You Buy?

VIVOSUN Thermostat
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The VIVOSUN digital thermostat is used, in combination with a heating pad, to help maintain the temperature inside an amphibian or reptile enclosure.

Despite its popularity among reptile hobbyists, it’s also used for seed germination and fermentation setups. It’s a digital, ON/OFF style thermostat and one of the most affordable on the market, selling for around $20 USD online.

But is it worth the price or should you spend a little more money on something else? That’s the question I’ll be answering in this review.

In order to give you the best possible recommendation, I purchased a VIVOSUN thermostat from Amazon and tested it myself.

Is It Worth Your Money?

VIVOSUN Heat Mat Thermostat

The VIVOSUN thermostat is one of the cheapest thermostats used by herptile hobbyists. It’s certainly the cheapest thermostat I’ve tested. By the way, I have 5 different thermostats I’m testing so I’m able to make effective comparisons. The purpose of this is to recommend the best product for you, my readers.

Let’s discuss the slight differences in materials and quality. To do this, I’ll compare this thermostat to the Jump Start thermostat, which is remarkably similar in design and features.

  • The VIVOSUN thermostat has a single digital display, three buttons, and indicator lights for the thermostat and heating element. The power cable is 18 gauge (AWG).
  • The Jump Start Thermostat is the same in terms of the display and the number of buttons. The differences comes in the weight of the thermsotat. This one is slightly heavier. Also, the power cord is 16 gauge (AWG).

Larger numbers indicate a smaller wire in terms of gauge. This means the 16 AWG (American Wire Gauge) cord on the Jump Start thermostat is bigger/heavier than the 18 AWG cord on the VIVOSUN thermostat.

Not only is the power cable of better quality on the Jump Start thermostat, but the plastic terminal seems to be made from higher quality material as well.

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Does the even matter? Maybe… Maybe not. The overall quality of the VIVOSUN thermostat is good but less than the other thermostats I reviewed. Having said that, the VIVOSUN thermostat costs nearly half the price of the others.


  • Budget Friendly
  • Easy set up
  • Digital display
  • Controls up to 1000 watts
  • Lengthy power cables


  • Only 1 Heater Receptacle
  • Lowish quality

The VIVOSUN thermostat controls a single heater up to 1000 watts. The temperature range is 68 to 108 °F. Setup is easy and you can switch from Fahrenheit to Celcius. So far, mine is working great.

Is it worth the price? I think so. Can you get a higher quality thermostat with more features for about $20 more? Yep. It really comes down to your setup requirements, preference, and budget.

My Experience With The VIVOSUN Thermostat

VIVOSUN Digital Thermostat

My experience with the VIVOSUN thermostat is good. Despite my earlier comparison between this and Jump Start’s thermostat, I still like it. I think it’s worth $20 and would recommend it to hobbyists doing a budget build.

Here are some of the features:

  • Digital display that reads the current temperature at the sensor’s location.
  • Lengthy power cables – 6 ft power cord & 6 ft sensor cable.
  • Very simple setup process.
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • 1000 watt max
  • Great for under-tank heaters.
  • Has a temperature range between 68 – 108 °F.
  • Water resistant probe (not water proof)

The length of the power cables is slightly above average, compared to others. As I mentioned earlier, it has a higher gauge wire, which is actually smaller in size but not by much.

This is true for both the plugin cord and the cable with a temperature sensor. Speaking of which, the temperature sensor or “probe” is water-resistant. Don’t worry if you happen to spray it with a little water while misting your frog’s enclosure. Just don’t submerge it in water.

VIVOSUN Thermostat Probe
The temperature sensor of the VIVOSUN heat mat thermostat.

One thing I like about it is the length of the cable with the probe. It’s 6 feet long. This gives you plenty of room to place the sensor where you want, even in relatively large terrariums.

The VIVOSUN thermostat is designed specifically for heat mats. Because of this, it’s recommended that you use it in enclosures with a single UTH (under tank heater). Pairing it with a ceramic heat bulb may give you mixed results.

Another thing I like about this thermostat is the setup process. Programming is as simple as holding the “SET” button for a few seconds then using the UP/DOWN buttons to set the desired temperature.

You switch between Fahrenheit and Celcius by pressing the UP/DOWN buttons while the set-temperature mode is not activated.

My Final Rating: VIVOSUN Thermostat

The VIVOSUN thermostat is a great option for those working on a budget pet enclosure. It’s more than sufficient for seed germination. For reptile or amphibian husbandry, you might find it lacking in features.

Oftentimes, one needs multiple heaters for a single enclosure, and something that functions well with all types of heaters; not just heat mats.

Still, this is a viable option for small frog enclosures using a single heat mat. In fact, it’s a great thermostat to start with. Especially for those of you who are new to the hobby.

This thermostat won’t break the bank and it works precisely as it is intended to. The length of the cords is nice, the sensor probe is water-resistant and easy to place, and programming is incredibly simple.

My final rating is 4 out of 5, for the price. Customer review on the internet are higher than mine. It has a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars, and there are a lot of reviews.

Despite all the positive customer ratings, I encourage you to read my best reptile thermostat review for more options. Doing this will give you a better idea of what’s available.

TLDR; Should I Buy The VIVOSUN Thermostat?

The VIVOSUN thermostat is one of the cheapest thermostats on the market. The overall quality is somewhat lower than similar reptile thermostats but not by much.

It lacks desirable features like multiple sockets for additional heaters and the ability to control temperatures above 108 °F. The power cables have a higher gauge (which means it’s a smaller cord) than the five other reptile thermostats I tested.

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Regardless, it’s a dependable option and great for budget builds. It’s user-friendly, which makes it perfect for someone new to the herptile hobby.

Do you still have questions? Feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to reply in a timely manner.