4D Vision Frog Anatomy Model

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I discovered this amazing model of a frog while working on the frog skeleton post. The point of this model is the anatomy as a whole, rather than just the skeleton. Still, it’s closely related to the topic! And it’s so cool!

Anyway, take a look at the pictures and see for yourself! I’ve taken the liberty of listing some of the specs below.

Pictures of the 4D Vision Frog Model

I took some photos of the box and the frog (after assembling it, of course). There are a total of 31 pieces.

Frog Anatomy Model (Inside)
A closer picture of the organs, bones, and muscles on the right side of the frog model.
Frog Anatomy Model (Back)
The backside of the frog model, shows the backbone, muscles, organs, etc.

4D Vision Frog Anatomy Model Specs:

  • 4″ in height
  • 6″ in length
  • 5″ in width
  • 31 pieces
  • includes a black platform

The model comes with clear plastic pieces that cover the open parts of the frog. For example, the three open areas on the frog’s back, where you can see the organs and backbone, have a corresponding piece of clear plastic that covers the area.

They simply snap into place. There is also a piece that covers the front and back legs on the right side! I didn’t use them in the pictures above.

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Where to Buy the 4D Vision Frog Model

I found the 4D Vision Frog Model on Amazon! If you enjoy amphibians and models like this, I think you’ll like it. I placed mine on a shelf near the front door. Almost everyone who enters my home for the first time admires it! Even if they don’t particularly like frogs (lol). It’s a neat piece and fun to look at it.

Anyway, click the link above to see this item on amazon! If you purchase one after clicking that specific link, I’ll earn a small commission. It will not come at an extra cost to you and it helps me pay for this website’s hosting server, domain, and things (like the frog anatomy model) for the website!