Amphibians in Idaho

Idaho is located in the northwestern United States and has a mostly temperate climate. The state is home to a variety of amphibian species, including the Pacific tree frog, the northwestern salamander, and the Idaho giant salamander.

Frogs & Toads (Anura) in Idaho

Woodhouse's Toad

Scientific Name: Anaxyrus woodhousii

Western Toad

Scientific Name: Anaxyrus boreas

Other Name(s): Boreal toad, California toad

Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog

Scientific Name: Ascaphus montanus

Other Name(s): Inland Tailed Frog, Eastern Tailed Frog

Northern Pacific Tree Frog

Scientific Name: Pseudacris regilla

Great Basin Spadefoot

Scientific Name: Spea intermontana

Columbia Spotted Frog

Scientific Name: Rana luteiventris

Boreal Chorus Frog

Scientific Name: Pseudacris maculata

American Bullfrog

Scientific Name: Lithobates catesbeianus

Salamanders (Caudata) in Idaho

Long-toed Salamander

Scientific Name: Ambystoma macrodactylum

Idaho Giant Salamander

Scientific Name: Dicamptodon aterrimus

Coeur d'Alene Salamander

Scientific Name: Plethodon idahoensis

Barred Tiger Salamander

Scientific Name: Ambystoma mavortium

Other Name(s): Western Tiger Salamander

Ambystoma macrodactylum

Scientific Name: Ambystoma macrodactylum